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Projekt Elektryczny – the latest musical composition of two artists from Warsaw. 

Marcin Kustra and Igor Buszkowski jointly produced album entitled ‚Cyber ​​Generacja’. The album features eleven tracks with verbal music sung in Polish. There was a video clip produced for one of the songs, called ‚Z twojej krwi’. The musicians invited a few of their friends for the recording session: Małgorzata Sobczyk (Jak Wolnośc to Wolność, Los Trabantos), Wojciech Jablonski (Kult, Kasia i Wojtek), and Olek Orlowski (Magnificent Muttley). With the creation of the musical material also helped Adam Swędera (Bulldog), Laura Gantner, Olaf Tryzna and Krzysztof Włostowski.

The album refers to many musical genres. On it you can hear the folk and jazz accents, rough sound, rock aggressiveness, surreal atmosphere.

„We were not interested in the production of trivial hits – says the band. Classic forms wearied us. We wanted to move beyond the scheme, and reject old templates that once hypnotized and bored the imagination”.

Marcin Kustra – a graduate of the National Film School in Łódź. Cinematographer and producer of many documentary video clips.
He is fascinated with black and white photography, hence the reason he never parts with his M- 6 camera. He loves to seek and experiment. In the album he does not simply reach out for the electric guitar – he sits behind the drums, and uses a harmonica too. Electric mandolin, percussion and keyboards have become a new challenge. In the past he collaborated with several well-known musical artists.

Igor Buszkowski – is an educator and an artist. Creates paintings that burst out in various colors, balancing on the border between high art and simple kitsch. He creates his art using thread and needle, piercing it through the material, and then uses old used parts to compose the rest. Parts of his work are in private collections based in Poland, Germany and France. He cooperated with the children’s television program hosted by Polish Public Television, in which he also led his art blog. He is the author of several books for children. He co-founded musical formations such as Buzu Squat, Jak Wolność to Wolność, Róże Europy and the Belarusian group Uria. He was the founder of the band Narvani, in which he presented his own interpretation of texts in Curt Cobain’s music band Nirvana. He participated in recordings soundtrack directed by Jerzy Zalewski, called ‚Gnoje’.